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Category: Cryptohopper
  • Let me start out with assuring you shorting on Cryptohopper won’t make you more money. It is not the same as on other platforms.
    I implemented this in the templates, because for me it is one of the best indicators to change the ARM TSL and TSL. When the results are green, you sold at the correct moment. When in red, it means you sold to soon. You can then decide to change the ARM TSL either higher or lower.
  • Be aware of the reserved funds, when you keep positions in shorting, the bot reserves your money to buy those positions back. This means if you don’t have enough budget, this may disable you to make other trades than the coins already in shorting positions. You might miss out on trades. Only use this option when you have enough funds. It is build in that the shorting positions will be removed after 2 days for this reason.

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