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Kenny Schram

As a young guy at the age of 20, wanting to get a secure future, just the normal home + family + dog + … I started out with working 2 jobs to get around. Figures the social life was nihil, but still wanting to get that financial stability I kept on working 2 jobs for 7 years.

Desperate to get back my social life I knew I needed to change something. I started investing in crypto it was brand new and exciting at that time. I started to let my money work for me. Sounds easy but without experience, I had a lot of bad trades. It was hard to even get break-even. After a while with a lot of trial and error, finally found something that worked and want to share this with you.

I am now 31 years old, have a lovely wife, a beautiful daughter, no debts and financial stability. Happy to share my story, hoping it can change your life for the positive as well.

Roy Gommans

I’ve worked over 20 years as a software developer in several positions automating the processes at alot of businesses.

When I got interested in crypto and immediatly thought about automating my daily trading. So I wrote a small program which fetched some data from an exchange and then came in contact with Kenny. Kenny already had alot of experience with trading crypto so we combined my programming knowledge and his crypto trading knowledge. Since that moment I’ve been mainly focussed on getting all the data we need, to create the best signals as we possibly can.

I love having a walk outdoors, playing the piano and doing fun stuff with my kids. With 1% business my goal is to help people earn a nice passive income without too much risks so everyone has more time to do the things they really enjoy.



Britt Wisse

I’m a 20 year old Graphic Designer student. I design websites, edit photos and videos, design flyers and posters.

I was given the opportunity to design this website and I gladly took this chance. After a period of hard work and searching, I am very proud of the result we have achieved.