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Madelon Vos

Glassnode reports

  • Moving Out On The Risk Curve
    on 20/02/2024

    With strong market momentum following the Bitcoin spot ETFs, several indicators are hinting at early signs of investor capital moving out on the risk curve. In this piece, we explore how capital starts to rotate through assets, by tracking asset performance, TVL, and trade volumes on DEXs.

  • Approaching Supply Discovery
    on 13/02/2024

    Bitcoin investors have been rewarded for their patience and conviction, with BTC prices rallying to multi-year highs above $50k. The volume of supply held at a loss is also thinning quickly, with just 13% falling into this category.

  • An Automated Trading Strategy Grounded in Machine Learning and On-Chain Analytics
    on 12/02/2024

    Discover how Glassnode’s Data Science team used a machine learning algorithm to identify on-chain metrics with the most predictive power and subsequently used them to create a successful quantitative trading strategy.

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