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Marketplace – What do we offer


Our templates are standard templates, that work well in any condition.
We have created +100 templates, each with their own quote currency. There are build in safety triggers, shorting feature is enabled and more.
Know that everything can be adjusted to your preferences.
Hit me up on discord and have a chat so we can find out what works best for you.


Our strategies are an extra to the signals. As signallers, we are bound to send out a maximum of signals over a given time period. With more than 1000 trading pairs on some exchanges alone, knowing that we give out signals for every exchange, it is possible that you might miss out on trades with just using the signals.
The strategy is 1 out of 8 strategies in our AI of which you get signals from. It is a moderate strategy that goes in all markets.

Difference between explorer/adventurer and hero:
I’ve adjusted the settings according to the trading pairs available, more coins on hero to trade, so more chance on getting the requirements to get a buy signal. To counter this I’ve put higher requirements (safer) on the hero strategy.


Our signals are our main product, we keep adjusting them every day to the markets.
We set out different trailing stop losses, use different indicators to get maximum profits.

We have our safe signals and fast track signals (still under construction, backtesting, etc…)

  • Our safe signals are focused on finding that bottom, we will only buy in downward/neutral trends and take higher profits.
  • Our fast track signals are focused on volume-price changes, which changes constantly.
    We aim on small percentages each trade. Get in and get out all in the blink of an eye.


The copy hopper is purely based on our signals, strategies and templates.

Then why would I take the copy-hopper you might wonder? Not all trades are an immediate success, some even fail in the long run. We have a 95% success rate but still that means another 5%… I give out a lot of options to trade safe, tell you how you can get out of bad positions, but it takes time and work. I’m not a supporter of this function, first talk to me, discuss the options, put in the work.

Only use this when first of all the bugs are out, you completely trust me, want to spend more money than necessary, than this is the option for you.